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Solutions...with Courtney Anderson! What is Holding You Back from Surpassing Your Goals? Business. Legal. Life.

Informed…Not Simply Outraged. 

Attorney. Author. Humorist. Professor. Award-winning International Strategic Leadership Innovator, Courtney Elizabeth Anderson, J.D., M.B.A., M.S. (, is "The Workplace Relationship Expert" ™ , executive director of the International Workplace Relationship Council, and practices the "Joyful Art of Business!"™ around the world. 

Leading workplace relationship policy expert who has advised various domestic and international entities including Boeing, Cirque du Soleil, The United States House of Representatives and Wal-Mart. Media appearances include: BusinessWeek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Cosmopolitan, CNN International, USA Today, CNN - HLN, The Christian Science Monitor, HuffingtonPost, Sorbet magazine (Dubai) and many more. She has worked for global clients in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India), Australia and Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, Spain).

"Solutions…with Courtney Anderson!" is a weekly show that delivers pragmatic concepts and tools that will permit you to surpass your goals!


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May 30, 2014



SHOW NOTES: This episode is part of our JOYFUL ART OF BUSINESS™ series wherein we explore how to combine the positive benefits of our professional endeavors (“business”) with the overall positive emotional return on our efforts (“joy”). Our episode topic is,  “Why do people do what they do? Because they want to and they are allowed to.”

Why was my team member late to work every day last month? Why did my friend ignore my phone calls? Why did the person I was dating call me ugly? Why did my boss tell me I was a disappointment? Why did the person behind me in line at the store step on my foot? Why did my friend not invite me to their birthday party? Why is my supervisor mean to me? Why does my child refuse to clean up their room? Why does my cousin borrow money from me and never pay me back? Why does the dry cleaner continue to lose my clothes? 

We could on forever asking why about specific situations. The universal core issue is why do people do what they do? The “answer” is, “Because they want to and they are allowed to.” 

We are not able to control what other people want. We are only going to focus on allowing people to behave the way that they do. 

At work, at home, with friendships, with romantic relationships, etc., we have to [...] 



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