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Attorney. Author. Humorist. Professor. Award-winning International Strategic Leadership Innovator, Courtney Elizabeth Anderson, J.D., M.B.A., M.S. (, is "The Workplace Relationship Expert" ™ , executive director of the International Workplace Relationship Council, and practices the "Joyful Art of Business!"™ around the world. 

Leading workplace relationship policy expert who has advised various domestic and international entities including Boeing, Cirque du Soleil, The United States House of Representatives and Wal-Mart. Media appearances include: BusinessWeek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Cosmopolitan, CNN International, USA Today, CNN - HLN, The Christian Science Monitor, HuffingtonPost, Sorbet magazine (Dubai) and many more. She has worked for global clients in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India), Australia and Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, Spain).

"Solutions…with Courtney Anderson!" is a weekly show that delivers pragmatic concepts and tools that will permit you to surpass your goals!


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Apr 28, 2014


SHOW NOTES: In the MYTH WARRIORS™ series we are targeting ideas to begin to assess whether they are credible or not (i.e., they are a myth, fallacy or even a lie). The target for this episode is, “Only 6% of all individuals in the US earn $100,000 USD a year!? Really?” (Really.)

The six-figure income threshold. It is bandied about in popular culture and media. It represents a demarcation of “success” (or does it?). How many people actually earn six-figure individual income per year in the US? 

Why does this matter? 
Well, if the majority of people in the US earn $100,000 or more and you earn $30,000 you are far below average. With accurate data you may better understand how much you would need to increase your individual annual income to equal what the average individual earns. On the other hand, if you earn $100,000 or more and you feel like you “don’t have enough money” that may be accurate if the reality is that the majority of people earn $300,000 a year (you feel broke because you earn substantially less than the average individual). The data will then help us understand our financial choices. 

Are we average/middle class and therefore should be able to have average items? Or, are we far below average/ poor and thus are not able to afford average items? Or, are we far above average/ rich and thus are able to afford average items and a bit extra?

How many individuals earn $100,000 USD per year? [...]


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