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Attorney. Author. Humorist. Professor. Award-winning International Strategic Leadership Innovator, Courtney Elizabeth Anderson, J.D., M.B.A., M.S. (, is "The Workplace Relationship Expert" ™ , executive director of the International Workplace Relationship Council, and practices the "Joyful Art of Business!"™ around the world. 

Leading workplace relationship policy expert who has advised various domestic and international entities including Boeing, Cirque du Soleil, The United States House of Representatives and Wal-Mart. Media appearances include: BusinessWeek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Cosmopolitan, CNN International, USA Today, CNN - HLN, The Christian Science Monitor, HuffingtonPost, Sorbet magazine (Dubai) and many more. She has worked for global clients in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India), Australia and Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, Spain).

"Solutions…with Courtney Anderson!" is a weekly show that delivers pragmatic concepts and tools that will permit you to surpass your goals!


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Mar 28, 2014


SHOW NOTES: In the MYTH WARRIORS™ series we are targeting ideas to begin to assess whether they are credible or not. We are warriors fighting to establish clarity between what is accurate and what is simply a myth (or falsehood) in life. In this episode our topic is, “Happiness is a choice!”

What is happiness? What is choice? Do humans have any choice (or free will) or is everything that happens in our lives predestined? 

If an individual ascribes their entire life to predestination (or fate for non-theistic perspectives) the framework of determinism precludes the “choice” any emotion (including happiness). If an individual is not able to chose anything in their lives (as it was all determined for them), there is no “choice” for feeling anything (including happiness). This show topic will be a myth from the perspective of those who adhere to predestination.

For those who are not fully committed to some forms of determinism, the possibility of free will (in some capacity) provides the option of choice of emotion. If emotions are able to be elected by individuals, what is the benefit to choosing misery (assuming it to be the opposite of happiness)? 

Our culture and shared human history abounds with [...]


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