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Solutions...with Courtney Anderson! What is Holding You Back from Surpassing Your Goals? Business. Legal. Life.

Informed…Not Simply Outraged. 

Attorney. Author. Humorist. Professor. Award-winning International Strategic Leadership Innovator, Courtney Elizabeth Anderson, J.D., M.B.A., M.S. (, is "The Workplace Relationship Expert" ™ , executive director of the International Workplace Relationship Council, and practices the "Joyful Art of Business!"™ around the world. 

Leading workplace relationship policy expert who has advised various domestic and international entities including Boeing, Cirque du Soleil, The United States House of Representatives and Wal-Mart. Media appearances include: BusinessWeek, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Cosmopolitan, CNN International, USA Today, CNN - HLN, The Christian Science Monitor, HuffingtonPost, Sorbet magazine (Dubai) and many more. She has worked for global clients in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Africa (South Africa), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India), Australia and Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, Spain).

"Solutions…with Courtney Anderson!" is a weekly show that delivers pragmatic concepts and tools that will permit you to surpass your goals!


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May 17, 2012



SHOW NOTES: The HELP! SITUATION SPOTLIGHT™ series addresses challenges, obstacles and problems (real or perceived) that are preventing a person from surpassing their goals! In this series, we shine the light on challenges that community members have shared. This episode is, "How to Keep Your Composure at Work (aka - 'the No-Crying Zone)!"

I know it is hard. We have all been there. Our emotions are welling up inside of us and we are on the verge of having our hearts and our pain spill out into tears streaking across our face. Under intense pressure (from a boss, a co-worker, a client, a friend, a family member, and/ or ourselves) we bend (but we don't break). It would feel so good to let it all out. To stop trying to hold back the tears brimming in our eyes and to just relax. Everyone cries. It is a normal human emotion. What would be the harm?

The harm would be that we could potentially destroy our career if we are perceived as 'too weak' to handle the pressure. If we aspire to additional income that usually means that we will have to accept additional responsibility. If we demonstrate in a flow of tears (usually accompanied with a runny nose and sad whimpering) that we are not able to handle the responsibility we will most likely not receive the additional income and opportunity that we desire.  

But, the demands placed on us are unrealistic! There is no way that all of the tasks could be done by any human. The pressure is unrelenting. We are not robots. We are human and we all have limits. 


The challenge is that extraordinary compensation is intended to be provided to those individuals who are able to take on and manage extraordinary tasks. No risk, no reward. It is imperative that when you are calm and confident that you have a professional dialogue regarding the workload, the staffing and the budget issues that are impacting your ability to achieve all of the goals in an optimal manner. Yet, if you cry, you are hurting yourself (perhaps irrevocably). 

The saying is, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." I know that you are able to stand the heat as you are already in the kitchen (you earned your position and you deserve it). I know that you are intelligent, creative and talented. You have to learn techniques to handle the heat of battle and not show your emotions. They are not difficult and we discuss them in this show! 

Let's work together to have a plan in place to provide you protection from whatever is thrown at you and to permit you to shine as a pillar of strength at work (and then cry your eyes out at home!). 

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